Sunday, October 24, 2010

Back to the blogosphere...

Since I was recently added to somebody's blog roll (Thanks, Sammy!), I became horribly embarrassed that I'd just left this ol' blog dangling a year ago like a harvest gold macarame plant holder in the back of a thrift store. This is partly an excuse for my laziness, but I'd say overall I was underwhelmed by the attitude of some of the more prominent deco blogstresses (no names mentioned) out there. I tired of the snarkiness and general holier-than-thou-ness that seems to dominate certain circles and ultimately became disillusioned with the whole deal in favor of keeping my decorating insights to myself — or perhaps sharing them with my dogs. Incidentally, they think I rock. :)

So... I think I'm gonna give it another shot. After all, I've recently turned the corner and started a new life (with a new house to pretty up), sans boyfriend. READ: this is a good thing. I hope to share some of the process of bettering this bachelorette pad of mine.

Stay tuned!

P.S. In the meantime, thought I'd throw a little autumn-esque boudoir action* your way, courtesy of West Elm. Swoon...

* Heh, heh. I said boudoir action.