Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sex on (lucite) legs

WARNING: the following post contains explicit images of chairs.

So last weekend I checked out a thrift store I'd never been to and found a truly awesome score. Three Parsons type chairs with brass bases and lucite (!) legs. OMG. These things are A-mazing. Truly white hot. Look upon them and be jealous.

My mom and I have been contemplating the approximate age of these chairs — I thought early 70's but she says probably 60's. Aside from the upholstery, which is dated and not in fantastic shape, these things are pretty pristine! My mind has been racing with possible fabric choices to revamp these ravishing mod beauties. It's gotta be luxe ... perhaps a supple velvet in a teal-y color, orange, charcoal, or maybe even some medium shade of purple. I'm also considering a textural solid. I'm open to suggestions at this point so I'd love to head any ideas you might have! When I redo them I might forgo the gathers on the backs in favor of a little button tufting. Whatever I come up with, I have a feeling they're going to end up looking like something you'd see on!

Oh, and the best part? I got 'em for $11 a piece. Giddiness abounds!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

The big chair reveal

Remember the little chair I rescued from a trash pile not too long ago? Well, she's ready for her close-up. Just as a refresher, here's the "before: shot:

 After two cans of gloss black spray paint and some stapling, this the "after":

Ooh, ahh!
The gratuitous close-up

The fabric I went with is Annie Selke's Links in Slate. I bought it online from here. For this project, I decided the "links" would look better running vertically to mirror the openings on the chair back. Isn't it lovely? I am very pleased with the makeover.

Don't forget to scout the curbs on trash day. You never know what you might find!