Thursday, November 25, 2010

My latest reflection

So I know I promised part deux of my garage sale scores today, but my camera died as I was trying to download my pics and I'm too lazy to hunt down some batteries at the moment. Sad, I know.

But in my couch-sitting-beer-drinking-long-weekend-celebrating-laziness I ran across something rather surprising and thought I'd share. Check it:

This Knot Mirror has a 40" diameter and a black and gold finish. And it's marked-down to $89. Now guess where it came from ... Kirkland's!!  I know, right? I had them pegged for purveyors of the generic, mundane and marginally tacky (read: mall decor), but every now and again I like to pop in and see what's happening. Now I'll admit that most of the other items I ran across on their website were not my particular cup of tea. But I think this piece sort of rocks.

I dig this photo from my inspiration file but I'm dying to hang something behind that sofa. I could see our friend the Knot Mirror playing well in this scenario!

So, that's it for now. I've gotta finish making the wild rice salad I'll be taking to the family holiday dinner. Peace, and Happy Thanksgiving!

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