Thursday, February 10, 2011

Emily's Home for Wayward Chairs

Anyone who knows me even reasonably well knows I have a bit of a ... hmm, chair fetish? As such, I certainly can't resist a seat in need, so I was more than happy to pick up this spindly little homeless thing I discovered by the curb while I was running one evening.

She's got potential, no? Am planning on restyling her not-so-flattering wood tone with some paint. Gloss black is always a classic choice. Or perhaps a punchy color? Thoughts?

Fabric-wise, she definitely needs a makeover. That brown vinyl will be replaced with something far more chic. Velvet? Dupioni silk? Maybe a super cool print? So many possibilities.

Right now this diamond in the rough is sitting around my dining table with the two tufted back chairs I got in Mount Dora late last year. But I think I'll fix her up and put her elsewhere, then look for another pair of complementary chairs to complete my dining set.

Stay tuned for progress.

P.S. Have started painting my bedroom, so I'll share more when the job is complete.

1 comment:

  1. Such a cute little chair. Looks like you moved it?? hmmmm

    Hey check out my newest master piece (painting) What do you think?